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One to one personal coaching

One to one personal coaching is a powerful way to gain clarity and help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Uncover obstacles,   discover your model of the world, learn more about yourself and your human needs, free up energy and create the initiative you need to reach your peak goals in life.

Key Feature of One to one personal coaching

Extraordinary Emblems of One to One

Joanne Corker, UK based RMT Coach offers exclusive Key Strategic Intervention methods for her clients. Using the disciplines of strategic family therapy, Human needs psychology, Ericksonian therapy, strategic studies, psychology of influence and others, Joanne offers practical techniques for taking action so that human needs are fulfilled, and lives are elevated during these sessions. Our devoted motivation and mentoring will help him/her to break down their barriers and go beyond limiting beliefs.

Identify mission & vision

Have you ever asked yourself questions like, “what’s the point?” “What is my life purpose?” “Why am I here?”. Or already have a particular purpose and vision in life. Some Individuals know exactly what they want, others have trouble knowing themselves and what their true purpose is. We can have lots of unanswered questions and queries in our mind with zero answers. Joanne will help you look within and take you on a journey of self-discovery to truly find the answers.

Modify Goals

For ALL Individuals, Growth and contribution are two of the most important of the 6 human needs. If we are not growing we are dying. Having goals and dreams are an essential part of human growth. Some individuals know their goals but somehow can’t move onto that next step. Some people don’t have any goals at all. Maybe you feel stuck and cannot achieve the exact outcomes or the thriving lifestyle that you dream about. It is the perfect time to modify or create your goals, look at any limiting beliefs and discover what could be standing in your way. 3/4 sessions are perfect for transforming future vision for our clients.

Identify Limiting Beliefs

Do you believe that you can achieve the things you’ve dreamed of your entire life?
What is stopping you from doing so?
Have you developed limiting beliefs that have caused you to feel that you’ve hit a plateau or are incapable of success?
Our mentoring sessions help clients to identify limiting beliefs that sometimes they are not even aware of and instead of saying “I cant do this” changing the language to “What can I do to change this”?
By discovering Key decisions, we may have made about ourselves in our past, unearthing outdated beliefs and conditioning, we are able to bring them to the conscious mind where we can find out if they are serving us, holding us back or need healing. Once we have done this we can move forward and be our authentic self.

Self-discovery & Growth

Many of us don’t know ‘who am I’ or ‘what to do next’. Self-discovery can be an exciting but sometimes challenging journey. Teenagers, Students, unemployed persons, frustrated relationships, females with children, Loss of a loved one to name just a few, can often forget who they are and their self-estimation can be diminished. This can create barriers to their mental growth and straight-thinking capacity. A life coach uses his/her best techniques and strategies to really help clients understand and find themselves once again.


Your Strategic Intervention coach will usually begin by learning all about you. Your life spheres such as work life, family life, relationships, as well as your highest priorities and closest relationships. By understanding your world, we can uncover the parts of your life that are going well, the parts you love, the parts you want to improve. We can take a look at which human need is most important to you at this time, look at how your model of the world and key decisions have impacted your life and look at the triad of physiology, focus and language to create fun and new parts of your personality. Or simply be conscious of the importance of the masculine and feminine energy in all of us, which parts of our lives we are using it and how it impacts us.
Joanne can help you clarify what you want to change. Do you want to be less shy and more confident, find different ways of managing stress, change destructive behaviourF, stop negative thinking, do more of what makes you happy? Whatever it may be, Joanne will be an effective advocate for the result, relationships, and life that you desire.

Increase Productivity

Productivity and self-motivation are essential for a person’s career as well as personal life. This is useful for self-employed people and entrepreneurs, Senior management, or anyone who has lost focus and motivation or who is being challenged with negative thinking. We look at how you can start your day with a clear, focused mind. How to set intentions, prioritise, take action and reset.
SI coaches provide practical frameworks for the client to understand their options, and then offer strategies and actions for bringing about the changes they want.


Benefits of One to one personal coaching

We recommend that you work with a personal life coach for a minimum of one year. This will ensure you build a trusting relationship and have the time to work through any life stages where you are stuck, break crazy eight patterns and negative cycles and discover the unique techniques that work for you. Once we have identified barriers and set goals, we can then move through the following steps with your life. Challenge what is holding you back, develop patterns to overcome the beliefs, reinforce new patterns and achieve goals. Live a life where you feel fulfilled, whole, authentic, and happy.

Expectations from a personal coach

Joanne started her career as a life coach and a lot of people have been benefited so far. She has fabulous skills and mentoring perception. Pursuing her sessions will provide you:
Why Choose Joanne

Why One to One Personal Coaching

Joanne Corker has been trained in human psychology and interpersonal behaviour. Moreover, she studied psychology, sociology, criminology, and business law for years. Joanne made her profile solid and extraordinary after healing a bunch of frustrated students from Oxford University, including a couple of professors as well. A stunning attitude, friendly behaviour, a strong interpersonal skill made her awesome for clients.

Strong Verbal

Long-time speakers, motivators, mentors, and presenters need a lot of structured speeches or expressions before audiences. A life coach makes this easier and smooth if anyone stuck expressing his/her verbal gesture. Graduate students, teachers, counsellors, and politicians also need this mental strength.

Achieving Goals

One to one personal coaching is a powerful way to gain clarity and help you achieve your goals and reach your full potential. Uncover obstacles, discover your model of the world, learn more about yourself and your human needs, free up energy and create the initiative you need to reach your peak goals in life.

Be Realistic

Once we begin to know ourselves, what we want, what we love and dissolve any limiting beliefs. We can then practice being in a state of awareness. Which is who we truly are. From that state we can discover what we want, what we want to improve, then unlock our true potential and create a life we love.

How do we work

The only agenda of the life coach is to clarify and support the clients agenda in a customised way. Joanne is a UK resident life coach who works remotely with customers throughout the UK and around the world.

Joanne Coaching Steps

User Appreciations

My Client’s Reviews

I was frustrated with my severe workloads and couldn’t find how to lessen depression. I found Joanne nearby my town and took a session with her. Surprisingly, I felt so accurate and productivity was boosted enough. The session was quite miraculous for me. Love you, Joanne.
Sarah Edwards
I am a multi-national stakeholder in Glasgow, UK. I have to organize and control 100-120 clients per month and everyone isn’t that easy to deal with. Due to random collaborative tasks, I felt my position quite dimmed. Coach Joanne offered me a few counselling sessions with her. All those sessions worked pretty well and removed my stress a lot. Great work!
David G. Maxwell
Apart from a life coach, Joanne proved herself as the best mentor I’ve ever seen. Her fabulous sessions for students like us helped to find out what we want to do in the upcoming future. It is a miracle when she helped me remove my anxiety and figure out my goals. Tons of cheers for Joanne.
Ron Trescothick

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