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Couples coaching

Coaching relationships is a life coaching specialization that helps people in their personal relationships to achieve better results. A coach can help you set relationship objectives, understand your current relationship, thrive within the marriage, grieve a lost lover or bring your long-term romance to the next level.
Adorable Steps that Never be Futile

Features of Couples Coaching

One of the greatest challenges that faces many couples is loss of intimacy. Often at the beginning of the relationship, the partners share everything. Joanne’s roles in couples coaching is to help them understand and express their true meaning underneath pain, regret, anger and confusion. Assist in finding what is common for two people and how to begin to create a powerful connection, trust and intimacy. Help the couple how to best show love again, date again, use modalities and meet their six human needs and Create relationship goals.

Sort out the Snag

Sometimes two people who once loved each other now make each other miserable and they don’t know why? Millions of people separate and divorce each year with great suffering to themselves and their children when their relationship can be turned around. Couple’s coaching teaches how to block patterns of misunderstanding and estrangement, bring relationships back from the edge and recover the possibility of truly loving each other again.

Couples Therapy

Intimate relationships can give us the greatest joy but can also give us the greatest pain. One of the most important components of a relationship is trust. Creating trust can transform every relationship. Trust is not formed during the easy times, but in defining moments of difficulty and stress. Couple’s therapy looks at facing our deepest fears, tap into our inner strength and bring to our partners what they need the most.

Interactions between Couples

According to human needs psychology we are all driven by the need to fulfil six human needs. These are not just desires and wants but profound needs which serve as the basis of every choice we make. These needs are Certainty, Variety, Connection, Significance, Growth and Contribution. We all to feel safe, secure, loved, important, needed and wanted but we must also constantly develop emotionally, intellectually and spiritually and give to others within our relationship. Within a session we can look at how couples are meeting each other’s needs and whether these needs are being met in a way that leads to pleasure or pain. Because an argument can get significance but in an unhealthy way.

Erase Egoism

Every person, to have balance in relationships, must be able to sometimes be vulnerable and sometimes be strong. Vulnerability can be a source of power. Social or economic or both perspectives can make a person egoist. Many people believe that to be vulnerable means you are weak and even create an ego to appear strong. Finding the balance of masculine and feminine energy in couples is vital to a balanced relationship.

Proper Time Management

Relationships go through many life stages, births, deaths. All people have different ways of showing and receiving love. Couples can get into a problem when their styles don’t match anymore. This can change with time and life stages. A young couple with a new baby may go through some big changes. Rediscover your partners love style, find out what can be added, plan relationship meetings and create new goals.

Set Goals for Future

This is a new provision for our just-married couples. Newly married couples often exaggerated or exhausted thinking about how to set the lifestyle or partner’s assistance. Without taking a proper set of goals for the future, no couples can sustain themselves further in this modern time. Joanne helps couples who want to resolve their hazy plans. Two or three sessions are enough for new couples.


Privileges of Couples Coaching

Truly extraordinary and successful relationships don’t come to people because they are lucky or drowning in chemistry. Loving, long lasting healthy relationships are the products of hard work, determination and the applied practice of the laws of love. Learning to never question the intent of your partner, to take the time to appreciate what makes them wonderful and finding ways to interrupt negative or repetitive patterns in fun and interesting ways are just three of the laws that can help you create an extraordinary relationship.
Why Coaching with Joanne?

Why Couples Coaching

Over the years of self-discovery and my own transformations and my infectious appetite to know more about human behaviour, the mind and human potential, I have seen amazing stories unfold right before my eyes. Including some of my own. I am here because of my intense desire to bring that level of impact to the lives of people and their relationships around me. Having learnt amazing techniques and strategies myself and life changing methods, I now have a burning ambition to share these with others and to help consistently transform the lives of people around me.

Coach vs Man

Joanne will help a man recognise what he wants, and his ability to make decisions and take action. Look at ways in which he can be more present and be able to communicate more authentically and lovingly. Know what to do with anger, fear, shame and understanding the other persons perspective and what his partner needs.

Coach vs Lady

Has your spouse ever done something that was difficult to forgive? Do you find yourself or your partner withholding from you the things that you need? Like affection, agreement or sex? When your romantic partner does something that hurts you deeply its difficult to know how to correct this. This session will look at needs, communication, rebuilding trust and bringing the fun back into a relationship.

Coach vs Couples

In this method, Joanne calls from both members of a family. It can be parents with kids or without. Not a little bit chaotic rather a cool and calm environment overall. This method is more accurate because here both members can share or unleash their problems. Even couples without marriage can take Joanne sessions for the upcoming future. Collaborative, artistic, and smart moves from Joanne make every couple enjoying the session.
Working Procedures

Couple Coaching Steps

As an RMT trained Strategic Intervention life coach, I empower my clients to create their own toolboxes in their relationship. Looking at the human needs, rebuild trust, go from selfish to selfless, discover the meaning of love without conditions.
My Client’s Review

What Client Says

Joanne is the boss- in a word! I took 3 sessions from her and outstandingly the relation between me and my wife is resolved. Honestly, I had a serious ego problem but JC melted it down. I recommend my boredom friends and colleagues to take at least a tutorial session here.
Simon Jefferson
My husband ignored me most of the time because of his severe workload. This tends to psychological trauma in me and I started drinking much. Every day I woke up and frustrated somehow. Then I found Joanne’s address from my friend and took JC couples coaching session. She called in my husband as well and within two hours, I felt like the happiest woman in the world. Even today, my husband never ignores me a bit. Thank you, JC!
Natalia O’Keeffe
I’m a mom with three kids from 5 to 12 years. I and my husband both are busy with our schedules at the office and business spots. Even we couldn’t meet our kids and due to our negligence, their educational progress shrunk down drastically. We blamed each other but couldn’t set the issues. My lawyer suggested me to take a session with JC. Extraordinarily, she is a talented lady. It took only two or three sessions to resolve all problems between me and my husband. We watch each other’s back now, our kids are developing steadily. Hats off JC!
Amanda Carlisle

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