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Collaboration and Business Relationship Coaching

At times in our working life we get stuck at a cross roads, have difficult situations to handle or just start to lack confidence. Collaboration and Business relationship coaching is for business managers and executives to reassess their management techniques, communication strategies and interpersonal skills. Within theses sessions Joanne will also introduce you to new tools to improve yourselves and your leadership skills.
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Features of Collaboration & Business Relationship Coaching

This type of coaching will instill a new corporate culture that increases productivity by changing it from command and control to collaboration and creativity. Every collaborative task faces radical challenges from the official end to the social impacts. Sometimes people feel exhausted or bored due to overtime work schedules, interactions, management, clients and health issues. To help manage these situations, Joanne encourages 1 to 1 coaching sessions specifically tailored to your needs. The most integrated features are-

Human Needs Psychology in the workplace

Human needs psychology teaches that all human motivation can be explained as the desire to meet 1 or more of our 6 primary Human needs these are;
Certanity - which is the need for stability at work
Variety – which is the need for stimulas and changes
Significance – which is the need to feel special
Connection - which is the need to feel
Growth - which is the need to learn and expand our abilities and ambition
Contribution - which is the need to work as a team
Joanne will explore relationship and team building with the 6 human needs strategy to help you build your business relationships.


During difficult situations in the workplace there’s a shared common element of anxiety and being overwhelmed. Joanne will explore and discover with her clients a way of reducing negative energy and provide tools to manage the anxiety This places her clients back into a more positive mindset and give courage to move forward in their career.

Limiting beliefs/Key Decision

Most human beings make a key decision in the past unconsciously that now impacts greatly on their life, and work. Maybe a parent left or a business partner broke your trust and so your belief is now that nobody can be trusted. Maybe you were bullied when you were younger and so withdrew into the background and now in a work environment you don’t stand up for yourself, speak up or be assertive. When we bring limiting beliefs and outdated key decisions to our conscious mind, we can dissolve them. When something dies something else can live. Fear dies, Courage and Power lives.

Team Management

Team management sometimes feels impossible if you can’t get proper support from team members. Collaboration & business relationships are built on solid team management, gesture, idea sharing, and knowledge. Joanne’s strategic interventions will coach new collaborative techniques to improve team management for their company or management teams.


A key part of collaboration and business relationships is the art of negotiating. This can be with clients wrapping up business deal, redundancy negotiations, team members delivering desired outcomes or competitive pricing against other businesses. Sometimes these situations come to a deadlock. Joanne can use the strategic Intervention business coaching techniques to break through the deadlock.


Effective collaborative leaders assume a strong role directing teams. They maintain agility by forming and disbanding them as opportunities come and go. However, at certain career points, situations can become frustrated. Joanne will provide strategic intervention techniques to help these situations and to break through these frustrations with her 1 to 1 business & collaborative coaching sessions.


Blissful privileges of Collaboration & Business Relationship Coaching

Can a life coach help me out regarding this collaborative & business relationship coaching? Yes, they can. Moreover, this coaching session involves some best impacts on society, company, or industry. Key privileges are-
Why Choose a Life Coach

Collaboration & Business Relationship Coaching Facts

A life coach can make the hefty challenges easier. Joanne will work with you and motivate you and guide you to reveal your talents. Every person has some uniqueness and skills to develop. A life coach smoothens the path for betterment. Recently, collaboration & business relationship coaching has been increasing in the business arena. Joanne has made it easier, shorter, and more tactical sessions for executives and corporates. She coaches remotely via zoom with her clients throughout the UK and across the globe

Better Performance

With this session, all business executives or corporate person can boost his/her productivity a lot more than the previous. Especially, CEOs and HRs will benefit from this coaching for better performance at the office or home.

Social Interactions

Social networking can be necessary for the company profile and business boosting. It can also increase a person’s career profile. When we rediscover the strength within. We can turn our lives around at home and in our careers. This two-in-one provision, enhances personal relationship as well. JC takes one or two sessions to complete this class.

Extraordinary Outcomes

Large industries or companies want profits from their employees. A collaborative & business relationship coaching session can increase productivity and efficiency from an employee. This coaching can make it as efficient as possible.

JC Strategies

Productivity and self-motivation are essential for a person’s career as well as personal life. These coaching sessions are useful for self-employed people and entrepreneurs, Senior management, or anyone who has lost focus and motivation or who is being challenged with negative thinking. We look at how you can start your day with a clear, focused mind. How to set intentions, prioritise, take action and reset.
SI coaches provide practical frameworks for the client to understand their options, and then offer strategies and actions for bringing about the changes they want at work and in their lives.


Comments from clients

I’m a professional freelancer for virtual assistance. My employer often accused me of low interactions with people or audience. He insisted me to grow more traffic to his company with some collaborations. I took a session with Joanne, and within 2/3 days, I felt more accurate and energized. After two months, my employer astonished at my progress. Thank you, JC!
Judy Trench
My legal acts company had many individual and business clients. As an HR executive, I’ve been assigned lots of interactive collaborative meetings. But I was a newbie and trainee level. However, I visited Joanne life coach sessions for collaboration & business relationship coaching. Absolutely frenzy attitude and savvy sessions for everyone who’re trying hard to set up their career. I’d like to recommend JC sessions anyhow.
Derek Bean
Being a musician and singer, I became a celebrity soon. But the problem was social media and people. Lots of criticism, negative reviews drove me insane a bit. When I visited the UK, I came to Joanne life coach collaboration session. This was fantastic and brilliant from her. Within a couple of sessions, I felt like a feather without stress. I strongly recommend her to celebrities.
Linda Kanter

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